Custom flights and feedscrews in an infinite variety of styles, sizes, materials and applications. From 3/8" OD up to 150" OD.
Unit of Measure


N/A 3/8 to 150 in.

Material Thickness

N/A 3/16 in.1/4 in.5/16 in.3/8 in.7/16 in.1/2 in.5/8 in.3/4 in.7/8 in.1 in.1 1/4 in.1 1/2 in.1 5/8 in.1 3/4 in.1 7/8 in.2 in.


N/A Mild Carbon Steel A-36 8620 AR400 304 Stainless 304L 316L Aluminum A514-GrB(T-1) T304 T316 Corten Nickel Alloy AR235 AR450 T-1


N/A Left Hand Right Hand